A developing community of faith in Rapid City
We are in the early stages of growing a new community called Move. You could probably consider it a network of micro-churches.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Jesus or Christian spirituality, but not so sure about church, this could be a good option. It begins with small gatherings centered on people's interests, and expanding our awareness to recognize God as already an integral part of those things. We are looking at options such as some type of workout class, a personal finance group, a hiking group, teen support group, arts appreciation, and more. What is created all depends on who wants to explore with others what it is to Move and what feels like a welcoming space for them to grow.

Contact us for more information or follow Move on Facebook.  We are just getting started.

So far this summer, we've launched a Saturday Morning, women's "Summer Circle" centered on the book, "You're Already Amazing" by Holly Gerth.  More opportunities to connect are coming. 

Our Why(s): 
  • Belief lived out is a powerful way to worship.

  • Human calendars are messy, but God is God seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We look to meet where folks may already gather on a schedule that works for them.

  • Living out our faith with other people to support us is important and diversity is a strength.

  • In order to understand scripture better, we must spend time studying it and talking about it with others.

  • Christ's transformational love is perfect. A relationship with the Son of God is healing and life-giving, and continues to transform us over our entire lives when we welcome it.

NOTE: We will add and revise this page as we continue to sense God's guidance for Move... The Holy Spirit continues to provide clarity with each person who connects.