Solar oven partners

-Solar Reflector workshop-

What happens here

Open Heart UMC houses the Solar Reflector Workshop for Solar Oven Partners on the lower level of the church.

Specialized equipment helps workers turn sheet metal into the four separate parts that form the reflective box that concentrates the heat of the sun for each oven.

You don't need any special skills ahead of time to work in the workshop. Your time here will help people in impoverished regions feed themselves in an earth-friendly, sustainable way.

who can help?

Local teams who would like to work in the workshop are welcome, and we hope you'll decide you want to serve on a monthly or weekly basis! An initial three-hour training session starts things off, then follow-up visits should be at least two-hours long once members are trained.

If you are bringing a traveling team of 4-8 people, you're encouraged to sign up for a minimum two-day workshop. The extended time allows folks to be trained and get efficient at the processes and then create the reflectors in an efficient manner.

If you have a workgroup traveling in from outside the area for longer mission trip, you may request to cook in our kitchen, or invite the Circle of Friends to cook for you.  If you need a place to stay overnight while in the Rapid City area, one great option to consider is Storm Mountain Center & Camp.

What's Different

Solar Oven Partners strives to contribute to community well-being. Our teams do not go to do ministry FOR or TO people, but to engage WITH them, respecting their skills, intelligence, perspectives, and priorities. We work side-by-side, assembling the ovens and preparing the foods commonly consumed in the culture where we are.
Doug Diehl is the Workshop Manager for the Reflector Workshop at Open Heart UMC. You will be assigned to one of our several trainers when you sign up to work in the Reflector Workshop. Trainers teach the groups to use the equipment and remain onsite during the work session to make sure the manufacturing process runs as smoothly as possible (We do have female trainers, too. If you have an all-female group who would prefer a female trainer, we will do our best to accommodate). To contact Open Heart UMC about volunteering in the SOP Workshop, please call 605.343.1813 or fill out the online form found here.