open Heart's Vision 

“With Open Hearts, we welcome, accept and nurture ALL of God’s Children, providing them an opportunity and path to meet Jesus in our presence as together we actively serve the world with love, grace and humility.”

The Mission

T R U S T - Open Heart, inspired by the life of Jesus Christ, will engage with community to:
  • Trust our Triune God with ALL that we are, and ALL that we have
  • Receive ALL of God’s children with open arms, hearts, and minds
  • Uplift ALL of God’s children through prayer and worship
  • Serve ALL of God’s children with love and compassion
  • Teach ALL of God’s children about God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit


H E A R T S - We strive to embody these qualities to further our Mission:
  • Humility:  modest opinion or estimate of self-worth or importance
  • Enrichment:  opportunity for personal and spiritual growth
  • Accountability:  ownership of actions taken, or words spoken
  • Respect:  offer of appropriate honor to, and acceptance of, others
  • Togetherness:  unity and connection providing support, security, and belonging

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