Sundays Meet in the Middle

So LAST week, if I'd actually shared a post, I would have reminded us all about the importance of intentional faith development WITH other people, and challenging ourselves to grow... Are you signed up for the study on Sunday or planning to come Tuesday? We would love to have you at either or both groups. If you are not planning to be part of either one, I would love to know what is holding you back. Please email me either way!


This week, I was about to reach out to my mom (she likes to talk about the sermon after she watched it from Minnesota) Sunday afternoon and I realized our worship wasn't shared on Facebook, our website, or YouTube. :-( ... At least, not that I could find. Mom couldn't find it either. So, today, I recorded the scripture and message to share with you all. The message, "Risk as Fuel" is inspired by Micah 6:8 and Luke 6:31-36 and "The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations", chapter on "Risk-Taking Mission & Service" by Bishop Robert Schnase. The message is shared through this MESSAGE VIDEO LINK.

We have great audio/video equipment and great volunteers, but everyone/thing has an off day, unfortunately... And there are many reasons why things just don't work sometime. That said, I still I look forward to the day when such issues are few and far between, and I can say it has definitely gotten BETTER.

If you would like to help with our technology at worship, we would love to have you! We do need more volunteers so our existing volunteers can have a break once in a while. Please let us know of your interest, and know that grace abounds. :-)

Always feeling blessed to be able to serve as Pastor at Open Heart UMC
~ Michele

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