Prayer Walk: Restoration

I actually went on two prayer walks this week. During the first, I shot the photos. The second one, I "mapped" with the Strava app, and picked up garbage... So you'll note the jaggy line as I left the path to pick up things I saw that were off the sidewalk a ways... Both walks, I prayed, particularly for the people who live in the neighborhood, the students and staff at South Middle School, and those who are working on the new school building... For their safety, their home life, their being sensitive to the call of God upon their lives, and how we can help in any way... And I prayed for the future. I invite you to join with me.

Oh God, I thank you for the blue sky and turning leaves that greet me this day. Color and light abound.

I know there are so many other people, in other places, that struggle in the aftermath or midst of a hurricane. We know with storms and destruction there is fear and despair, anger and grief. May your merciful presence be known and manifest in many ways as people come through the wind and the darkness, as other people come to help.

For the multiple varieties of trees that praise you with their upturned branches, we give you praise... as well as for the bottles and cans, pencils and pens, napkins and wrappers and other items that show there are many things this neighborhood can be grateful for.

Lord, we are grateful for dogs who bring so much to our lives in terms of love, acceptance and joy. Would you please encourage dog owners to bring along bags to clean up after their dogs? Or are you suggesting I should also pick up dog poop? I just can't make myself today, Lord. The bag is already too full. Thank you Lord, for the prepared and responsible dog owner seen walking today.

Lord for the students and staff at South Middle School, particularly, we ask for safety and focus. As the day gets warmer, help them remain engaged. Help them find a spark that calls them to grow and seek a forward path. Protect them from harm.

May the school staff in particular be fulfilled. Rise up exceptional new candidates for open jobs. May all the staff understand deeply how important their roles are in the lives of these families, and may they feel appreciated today. Help us know how to best show appreciation for them as a neighbor in the community.

Lord as the construction workers continue to make progress on this beautiful new building that is the fulfillment of a dream, protect them. Help them to look out for one another and create a positive work environment. May they be safe and know that you are God. May they see their work as a holy investment in our children, and see where what they are building is the larger community, even more than a place of learning.

Lord, often there is splitting apart, a tearing down and destruction before new life comes forth. Even seeds are destroyed as they sprout. Lord we thank you for the restoration of this neighborhood and of the lives of the people who work and live and worship here. We know that you are at work. Help us to be part of a holy restoration as you grow hope and light and love in this neighborhood. We know that people all over the world have caused harm in the name of the church. Help us to be a force that works with others to unite and heal on your behalf. Show us the way.


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Jacqueline Schiraldi - September 29th, 2022 at 9:12pm

💘 father God we submit to you and stand in agreement with our sister's prayer's request. 🙏PROTECTION for our children in Rapid City Sd and the world. Messiah we asked you to make Rapid City a clean and safe place to live in. And clean up the drug's and stealing,, and murderer's. We come against the enemy he has no say in anything God has given to his people when the ✝️ was given to us. I played the blood of Jesus and I give all the glory and honor to the father Son and Holy Ghost Hallelujah praise be the father thank you Jesus amen amen amen