Infant & Almighty: Dec. 15 - Mighty Redefined

Christmas is still coming...

It will be interesting to see if folks come looking for this...

Good news (for me, anyway)! in 15 days and posts, I was able to push through a lot of the fear and discomfort of doing a vlog or video blog... I had never undertaking something like this before. Yes, I know I only have 11 more posts to go... However...

YES, even though I've done some work like this before, it's been a while... And it was more complicated than I had thought, between shooting, editing, uploading, posting on the blog, and sharing through social media.

It takes a lot of time. And every day means a lot a lot of time.

I tried various ways of tackling the projects and  strategies in engaging with both the book, Honest Advent, and with the Holy Spirit. I think I got better at it, but still a lot to learn. Facebook was an interesting challenge, because it is a moving target, and options that were there one day, were gone the next (I'm talking to you, edit text with a video in a story).

I really wanted to honor God with all of it, hoped to support folks reading the book, and perhaps engage with some new people online who are looking for a spiritual connection but don't have a lot of time.

So, after 15 days of working through my personal hangups and the technological junk, I feel like I could certainly continue doing it, but I don't see where necessarily I've heard that people really NEED this.... And it begins to feel like just so much "noise" for the masses that I'm creating, even though it has meaning to me and a few other people.

That said, I may post a few more times for the series, but I'm no longer making it a priority. I'm pretty sure I will get no complaints, only support, because that is the kind of community this is. Thank you for watching and helping me grow! I appreciate you! And the skills I've gained will help me when I do need them.

~ Michele


Linda - December 16th, 2023 at 9:08pm

Yes I understand but will miss your daily snippet

- December 18th, 2023 at 5:25pm

Thank you, Linda! :-)